Man accused of sex crimes for 2 incidents

A Kansas City man is facing serious criminal charges after reportedly accosting two victims and sexually assaulting one of them. The man, age 49, is charged with more than one sex crime in the matter, as he is accused of kidnapping, sexual assault, rape and attempted rape. The two incidents took place about a month apart.

Official reports show that the man offered one victim a ride before threatening her with a stun gun when she got into the car. He is then accused of driving to a home and sexually assaulting that woman. Investigators say that the woman’s description of the home matches the man’s residence. He covered her face with a towel during the trip to the home, and her head was covered again before she was dropped off at a different location. That incident allegedly happened in October.

The man is also implicated in a November incident in which he also allegedly threatened a woman with a stun gun after offering to give her a ride. The woman escaped after a bystander heard her scream and provided assistance by calling the police. Investigators say that the man tells a different story, however. He says that he met that woman online, and she had agreed to get a room with him at a local hotel. Instead, the woman caused a physical altercation to ensue, and he had to forcibly remove her from the vehicle. He insists that the woman also caused a scratch on his neck.

In cases of alleged sexual assault and rape, it can be difficult to determine exactly what happened, with the “he said, she said,” nature of the crime. In this case, the defendant argues that he was not to blame for the recent altercation. Such defendants often benefit from the guidance of qualified attorneys, who can help them learn more about their legal rights in court.

Source:, “KC man is accused of sexual attacks on two women” Mark Davis, Nov. 23, 2013


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