Response to domestic disturbance ends 10 hours later

Police responded to the report of a domestic disturbance this week that escalated into a 10-hour ordeal. The situation eventually ended with a 28-year-old man in Johnson County facing felony charges.

The situation began when officers received the report late in the evening on Tuesday, Sept. 17. It is unclear whether the caller reported the suspicion, but police believed that the man inside was in possession of a weapon. This information likely heightened the situation as well as the fact that the man refused to exit the residence.

After the failed attempts by negotiators to get the man to voluntarily surrender, the police called a team of tactical officers to the home. The standoff lasted until 9:30 the next morning.

The man was eventually taken into custody, and according to a Kansas City Star report, was charged with “aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and possession of methamphetamine” in Johnson County District Court.

The report did not include information on what led to the domestic disturbance call. However, all it takes is a neighbor who reports loud voices or noises. Have you ever gotten into a verbal argument with your spouse? Your parent? Your friend?

But what rights does one have when officers respond to a call of this type? Does a homeowner have to open the door? Do they have to let officers onto the premises or can the individual step outside onto the porch?

Anyone would likely be unable to answer these questions, which is why one should consult a defense attorney in Kansas City as soon as possible should a situation arise — even before charges are filed.

Source: The Kansas City Star, “Man arrested after Overland Park standoff faces assault and meth charges,” Sept. 19, 2013


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