Kansas City man facing federal charge after gun found in backpack

In Missouri it is legal to carry a concealed firearm if you have the proper permit. If a person carrying a gun doesn’t have such a permit, then he or she could be charged with a gun crime.

Another restriction on gun possession relates to felony convictions. Federal law prohibits anyone convicted of a felony from possessing a firearm. Convicted felons accused of being in possession of a gun can find themselves in a very difficult legal situation requiring a strong criminal defense. That is the case for a 30-year-old man recently arrested in Kansas City.

The man is facing a federal charge after allegedly entering Manual Career Technical Center with a gun in his backpack. At the entrance of the school is a security check point, and authorities say a guard found the weapon during a search.

A news report says the accused man ran away when the gun was found, and security in the building handed over the backpack and the gun to Kansas City police. Apparently the security guard who found the weapon knew the suspect because the guard at one time worked where the suspect went to high school.

Also inside the backpack was information that identified the man now facing charges, and that information was used to locate and arrest the man.

Clearly complications can arise even when a person with a criminal record tries to make changes by attending classes and looking toward a better future. Still, in this case, a conviction on a charge of felony in possession of a firearm could have serious consequences, and anyone facing such an allegation will need a strategic and meaningful defense.

Source: fox4kc.com, “Man who took gun on campus charged,” Andrew Lynch, Sept. 12, 2013


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