Kansas City Pedestrian Accident Attorney

All too often negligent drivers hit innocent pedestrians and then proceed to claim that the pedestrian was at fault or has less rights then an automobile driver. The truth of the matter is that pedestrians have just as many rights as individuals who are behind the wheel of a car. If you have been injured walking down the street, the lawyers at Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, can help.

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Causes Of Pedestrian Accidents In The Lee's Summit Area

Thousands of pedestrians are struck by vehicles every year. Sadly, many of those accidents result in very serious and sometimes fatal injuries to the person on the street. Usually the accidents are caused by the negligent behavior of the person behind the wheel. Some common causes include:

You Have Rights As A Pedestrian

If an insurance company or another driver has told you that your claim is not worth anything because you were partially at fault, or simply because you were a pedestrian, speak with a skilled injury lawyer immediately. Insurance companies and other drivers are not out to protect your best interests. We are.

Get The Help You Deserve After A Pedestrian Accident

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