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Boating is a popular leisurely activity and a favorite pastime for Missouri and Kansas residents. However, a day of fun and relaxation can turn tragic when dock owners do not make safety a top priority.

Hazards exist not only in the water, but also on docks all along the shoreline. Serious and deadly electrical accidents can be caused by the following:

  • Wet docks
  • Proximity of electricity to water (electrical device, outlet or wire)
  • Overloaded or ungrounded circuits
  • Defective wiring
  • Poor maintenance of electrical equipment

Skilled Kansas City Dock Electrocution Attorneys At Your Side

Electricity and water are a dangerous and deadly combination. Area docks that have lighting require installations by skilled professionals and ongoing care by the dock owner. Docks not up to code or which have fallen into disrepair pose serious risks to nearby swimmers. Coming into contact with exposed wires from conduit breaks or grabbing a metal part of the dock can result in serious injuries and death.

Dock owners are responsible for ensuring safety for those on the dock and in the water. Visual inspections on their part combined with professional inspections can prevent electrocutions and save lives. Falling short of their responsibilities in any way can lead to serious burns and electrical shock drowning (ESD).

While medical attention comes first, legal representation must soon follow if you want to hold the negligent dock owner accountable. Our attorneys and paralegals combine their experience and knowledge with the insight of experts.

We do not shy away from complex cases. Justice can prevail, in spite of the obstacles. We fight to maximize compensation for the losses you have suffered and the long-term impact of the accident.

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