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The landlord/tenant relationship confers benefits and advantages on both sides. However, when a tenant is unable or unwilling to pay rent as expected, those advantages can turn into problems.

In Missouri a tenant can be removed in a fairly simple process if the tenant fails to pay rent. The terms "detainer action," "unlawful detainer," "rent in possession" and "eviction" can be used to refer to the process landlords go through when rent is not paid. Notice must be given to the tenant, suit can then be filed within a short time. It may be only 60 days before the tenant is removed. We seek moneys owed and in some cases additional remuneration.

Our approach is to minimize the harm to both sides, through negotiation. We treat all parties fairly and with respect, whether we are representing a landlord or a tenant, in a commercial or residential matter. We ensure there is no mistake about what is owed and what has been paid.

Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC regularly handles such cases efficiently and effectively. Usually cases can be resolved reasonably and without animosity.

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