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At the law firm of Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, we understand the kind of pressure that regular families and individuals feel when they are faced with a legal problem. We know that life-changing legal matters are at stake and that the quality of their lawyer may play a significant role in the outcome of their legal matter.

Committed to Protecting Our Clients' Rights

We are committed to providing you with the skilled advocacy and attentive client service that you need as we strive to obtain the most favorable result possible. Our firm handles:

  • Criminal defense matters, including DWI/DUI, drug possession, sex crimes and other criminal charges
  • Family law matters, such as divorce, paternity, custody, support and orders of protection (ex parte and full)
  • Personal injury law, including injuries from car or truck accidents
  • Traffic ticket law, including speeding violation and reckless driving

Contact the law office of Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, at 816-347-1818 to schedule a free initial consultation.

Thorough Investigation

Lawyers David A. Kelly, Casey Symonds and John Reed understand that favorable legal outcomes can revolve around minute details - the kind of details that could be overlooked without thorough investigation and knowledge of the law and full attention to a client's needs and goals. This is why we welcome you into our offices, starting with your free initial consultation.

We Earn Your Trust

Our attorneys want you to feel comfortable telling us everything about your situation, including the parts where you feel vulnerable or ashamed. Our job is to listen carefully and with empathy as we seek to earn your trust. We know that everything that you share with us could potentially play a role in the case, as we investigate, strategize and seek to build the strongest case possible in your behalf.

We Ask Our Clients to Take Our Advice

We are experienced in the law and have a comprehensive understanding of court procedures. When clients do not follow the guidance of their lawyers, the outcome can be less than satisfactory. We consider it very important for our clients to not only financially commit to our guidance, but to practically commit by following our advice.

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We are here to help you resolve your legal problems. Call 816-347-1818 to arrange a free initial consultation with our office. Our attorneys and paralegals stand ready to discuss your case. Contact our Kansas City, Missouri, office through e-mail.

Convenient After Hours Appointments

We offer evening appointments as needed.