Kansas City Property Division Attorney

There may be no aspect of divorce that is more complex or potentially contentious than property division. As equitable division states, Missouri and Kansas require that all marital assets be divided in a fair and equitable manner — not necessarily a 50/50 split. Having a qualified Kansas City property division lawyer can help to ensure that you receive a fair property settlement.

At the law firm of Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, we represent men and women in a wide variety of property division matters. We handle all types of marital estates, including complex property division for high-asset couples. We work closely with you to understand your goals regarding the division of assets and advise you on the potential tax and debt implications of obtaining certain property.

Helping You Through A Complex Process

There are two essential steps that must be taken before the division of assets can take place. The first is separating marital property from non-marital property. Marital property is any asset that was obtained during the marriage. Non-marital property is any asset independently owned by either spouse prior to the marriage. The second step is assigning a fair value to each marital asset.

If there are disputes over whether a particular asset is marital property or not, we will present the most compelling possible argument to support your position in the matter. Once the marital estate has been established, we can bring in the appropriate experts to value such assets as privately held businesses, real estate and antiques. In every case, our only concern is to put you in the best possible situation as you move forward following the divorce.

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