Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial and premarital agreements can be delicate subjects for many couples and families as they consider marriage. These agreements do not signal that the marriage is fated for divorce or that either spouse is already planning on the worst-case scenario. Prenuptial agreements provide both spouses the opportunity to discuss critical financial issues and create a plan that will provide structure no matter what happens.

Couples need to plan for more than just the possibility of divorce. Individuals with significant business interests or assets should protect those investments, and holdings from all types of liability and risks.

Prenuptial Agreements Tailored To Your Life And Goals

At Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, our attorneys provide experienced guidance, facilitating the creation of prenuptial agreements that are tailored to the specific needs, assets and goals of the couple. We have helped couples throughout Kansas City and the surrounding area protect themselves and their families as they enter marriage.

If you are engaged or considering marriage and want to learn your options for prenuptial and premarital agreements, call our law offices today for a consultation.

Our lawyers create thoughtful and responsible agreements for couples from a broad range of financial situations, including business owners, those with complex estates and investments and individuals with shareholder obligations. We will walk you through all considerations and precautions that must be taken, providing innovative solutions to protect your interests and your investments in case of all contingencies.

We also provide skilled guidance to couples seeking postnuptial agreements. These agreements protect couples in situations that arise later in life and in the duration of the marriage that could endanger their assets. This includes medical situations and liability in legal cases.

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