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Protect Your Driving Privileges

In Missouri, for every moving violation you are convicted of, you are given a certain number of points on your driver's license. Speeding up to 15 miles above the speed limit can result in two to three points on your license; while speeding 20 miles or more over the speed limit results in four. However, when the police pull you over, they are often able to find other reasons to ticket you.

Eight points in an 18-month period results in a 30-day driver's license suspension; 12 points in a 12-month period is a one-year suspension.

Avoid Unreasonable Fines and Other Negative Consequences

It is important for you to take the charges seriously and take actions to defend yourself against unreasonable fines and other negative consequences.

Kansas City Traffic Violation Lawyer

At Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, we will vigorously fight your traffic tickets and fight to protect your driving privileges. We aid clients in restoring or reinstating their driver's licenses or obtaining limited driving privileges during a suspension.

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Take Action Immediately

Call a lawyer as soon as possible after you have received a traffic violation ticket. We offer a free initial consultation where you can sit down with one of our criminal defense lawyers, and learn how we can help. In most cases we have obtained a case dismissal or minimized impact to our client's driver's record.

We Have Helped Hundreds of Clients

Our lawyers fight traffic violations such as:

  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Failure to maintain insurance or driving while license suspended
  • Leaving the scene of an accident
  • Interfering with an officer
  • Failure to stop or yield, or obey a traffic device
  • DUI, including underage DUI and open container violations

Former Prosecutor Working for You

Attorney David A. Kelly is a former prosecutor for Jackson County, handling traffic violations cases, DUI cases and other serious criminal cases, including drug possession and sex crimes. We now use that prosecutor's insight to fight for your rights.

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Learn how we can protect your driving privileges and fight traffic violation charges. Call for your free initial consultation: 816-347-1818. Contact our Kansas City, Missouri, office through e-mail.

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