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A DUI conviction carries with it an automatic suspension of a person's driver's privileges, steep fines, potential jail time and a permanent police record. Every time that you apply for a job, you police record will have to be revealed. Obtain experienced DUI defense as soon as you can after a DWI arrest in the greater Kansas City area.

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Skilled, Thorough and Aggressive Defense

Our lawyer, former Jackson County prosecutor David A. Kelly, has handled a significant number of DWI defense cases for clients from every age, background and ethnicity.

Our lawyers have clerked at the federal and state judiciary levels, giving our law firm valuable insight into the thought processes of the prosecution and judges involved in the types of cases we now defend. We understand how the police and prosecutors view DUI cases. We know how to read between the lines of the police record and how to elicit the entire story of what happened in the moments leading up to a DWI arrest:

  • Was there a valid reason to stop your car?
  • Was there a mistake in police procedure?
  • Was there a problem with the breathalyzer?

We explain to our clients the possible legal options and what we believe are their realistic chances at trial. We give our clients the information they need to make an informed decision. Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, will aggressively pursue the option our client chooses, whether it is to seek a case dismissal, discuss the best plea option or proceed to trial.

Driver's License Suspension After a DWI Arrest

After a DWI arrest, you have only 15 days to challenge your driver's license suspension.

If you refused the Breathalyzer test, you have 30 days to challenge the suspension of your driver's license. The first and second DWI offenses carry suspension for up to 5 year. Subsequent offenses result in suspension from a year to 10 years. We explore options such as filing administrative petitions and looking into diversion programs.

Minor in Possession of Alcohol Cases

We also represent young people charged with minor in possession of alcohol or drugs. Missouri has a zero tolerance law toward underage people with alcohol, even if they were not driving at the time of their arrest. Read more about minor in possession legal services.

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