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Personal disagreements are a fact of life, and sometimes they result in altercation. But if a business or government entity facilitates people gathering in close quarters and drinking alcohol, injuries that result may be their responsibility, depending on the circumstances.

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Nearly every bar or nightclub hires bouncers to keep the peace and eject those causing trouble. They are large, strong, aggressive — and sometimes too aggressive. Off-duty police officers are frequently hired. Overaggressive bouncers have no right to use excessive force or injure people, even when rightfully ejecting those people. The establishments hiring, training and supervising security personnel have a duty to hire people capable of avoiding injury to patrons.

Bar fights occur among patrons. They should not be allowed to become a scene of mayhem and serious harm. A patron must not be allowed to cause serious injury to another patron.

Festivals and Events

Other entities besides bars also have a duty to provide a safe environment when they organize a festival, concert or other event. "Event insurance" is typically required by the municipality to be purchased. A municipality itself may host an ethnic or other event. When injuries occur it is this insurance that should be made to pay. We make them pay.

If you were assaulted and injured by a neighbor, his or her homeowners' insurance may be a source of compensation to you. Call Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC, at 816-347-1818. All personal injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. This means that you owe no attorney fees if we are unable to obtain compensation for your losses.

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