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Witness to triple murder marries person accused in the killings

A man who is facing felony charges for a triple homicide has married a witness who is essential to the prosecution's case. Prosecutors behind the case believe that the marriage was one meant to stop the woman from testifying against the man because of Missouri's spousal privilege statute. That could spell trouble for the prosecution because most of the case against the man hinges on the testimony.

The man has denied that he was involved in the killing of his son, his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend. The man's new wife allegedly told police that the man shot the ex-girlfriend when the two were arguing and the ex-girlfriend threw something at the man. He then shot the boyfriend because he was a witness to the crime. Then, he shot his own 1-year-old son because he didn't want the cries from the baby to attract attention.

Your account of events matters for your defense

Violent crimes are some of the most difficult crimes for people to have to present a defense to. This is because many of these crimes have very personal details that can often be difficult to deal with. It is critical that you have a defense team that understands everything that pertains to your case, even if the details are intimate because comprehensive knowledge of the events can help the defense team to discover options regarding your case.

We know that most people who are charged with violent crimes never meant for things to turn violent. Human nature might kick in and some people will act in a manner that isn't how they would usually behave. That is where a strong defense comes in. We help you to show your side of the story.

What are different types of homicide charges?

When a person hears about homicide charges, there is often some confusion about what homicide includes. Of course, many people automatically know that homicide charges stem from the death of another person, but there are more facets to homicide charges that you should understand.

What are the various types of homicide charges?

Individualized defense options are critical in drug cases

When you are facing drug charges of any sort, there are several things that might go through your mind. You might be worried about what will happen if you are found guilty of the charges. You might be worried about how a drug conviction might affect your future. You might be worried about what you can do to fight the charges. We can help you to explore each of these points so that you have an idea of how to handle your case.

If you are facing drug charges in Missouri, you should be prepared to fight to prove your innocence. While it is sometimes possible that you will be able to have your charges dropped, it is critical that you prepare for a trial. Even if you are working on other alternatives, such as a plea agreement, you should still get to work on your defense strategy just in case the alternative doesn't work out the way you hope.

What are the penalties for heroin charges in Missouri?

Drug crimes in Missouri all have criminal penalties that are rather harsh. Heroin is no exception to that point. In fact, there are some heroin convictions in the state that have mandatory minimum sentences associated with them. It is critical that you understand the possible penalties in Missouri if you are facing heroin-related criminal charges.

What are the penalties for a simple possession of heroin charge?

Information about the role of bail bondmen in felony cases

Last week, we discussed the options that are available for a person who is facing a felony charge to get out of jail. If you recall, we discussed how some people who face a felony charge will be given a bail. Once the court sets the bail amount, there are three options that are possible.

The first is that the person will remain in jail until the case is resolved because he or she can't post the bail. The second is that the person will post the full bail amount to be released from jail. The third is that the person will use a bail bondsman to get him or herself out of jail.

Options for release from jail while criminal case is pending

When you are charged with a felony charge, you will be arrested and sent for a bail hearing. A bail hearing is a chance for you to learn the conditions that must occur in order for you to get out of jail until your trial date or until your case is finished. In most cases, there are three options that might be presented at a bail hearing -- denial of bail, a release on your own recognizance or a bail amount set.

If you are denied bail, which can occur if you have violent charges like capital murder or are considered a flight risk, you will remain in jail for the duration of your case. If you are granted a release on your own recognizance, you will be allowed to leave jail without having to put up any money. You must attend all the court dates for your case or you will have a warrant issued for your arrest.

Don't let a DUI charge ruin your winter holiday season

The busy holiday season is coming up. Halloween is right around the corner and the other winter holidays will follow shortly. Parties during this time often involve alcohol. If you are consuming alcohol, the best way that you can ensure you aren't arrested for drunk driving is to have a designated driver. If you are unable to find a designated driver and find that you have to drive yourself home, you might end up being arrested.

We know that the circumstances you find yourself in might necessitate your having to get behind the wheel after the party. We can help you to explore your defense options to determine how you want to move forward with your DUI defense.

What does consent mean in a sex-related criminal case?

Sex-related criminal charges in Missouri encompass a variety of different charges. The one thing that all sex-related criminal charges have in common is that they all must have the element of lack of consent to the sexual activities.

Is consent always required for sexual activities?

Halloween comes with specific laws for registered sex offenders

Halloween is just around the corner. While this is a popular holiday for many children and adults, it can mean trouble for sex offenders. Missouri is one of the states that has specific laws that forbid registered sex offenders from taking part in any Halloween festivities that involve children. Failing to abide by the laws regarding Halloween and sex offenders can lead to a sex offender facing new criminal charges.

As we previously discussed, sex offenders can't participate in any Halloween activities involving children. That includes passing out candy. All registered sex offenders are required to keep their lights off during the trick or treating hours for their community. Additionally, a sign must be placed at the residence that says, "No candy or treats at this residence."

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