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Penalties associated with sex convictions vary greatly

Sexting, rape, sexual assault and child-related sex crimes are some very serious crimes that carry hefty social penalties, as well as hefty legal penalties. The only way to ensure that you aren't going to have to face these penalties is to be sure that you aren't doing anything that could lead to these types of charges. For some people, mistakes they made have already led to criminal charges.

We know that facing sex-related charges is a frightening prospect. You might be unsure of what to do next. You might not understand the charges and penalties you face. You might not be sure about how to start working on your defense. We are here to help you find out about your case, learn your options and get moving on a defense.

Felons in Missouri can restore their right to vote

Felons face a host of stigmas when they are out in society. On top of the social stigmas, felons also face the loss of some rights that are commonplace in this country. One of these rights is the right to vote. In the past, it was fairly common for felons to be unable to vote at all. More recently, states have been changing the guidelines in a way that allows felons to vote in certain circumstances.

The ability for felons to vote is determined by state laws. This means that every state has different laws regarding if and when a person who was convicted of a felony charge can vote.

Calling crucial elements into question can help your defense

When you are facing violent crime charges, your defense has to include some important points. Generally, the defense you use must include information and evidence that will call into question at least one of the necessary elements of the crime. Each criminal charge has specific elements that must be present in a case in order for the charge to apply. If you can call just one element into question, your defense might be successful. We know that you might not be familiar with each point that has to be met for each violent crime charge. We can work with you to help you understand these elements and find ways that you can show that at least one wasn't applicable to your criminal case.

When it comes to violent crime charges, many of them have to do with a personal disagreement that simply went too far. In some cases, a misunderstanding might have been the cause of the incident. If this is the case, we will need to find a way to present that information that is effective. This can take time and serious consideration, so we must ensure that we have ample time to consider each option.

Points that you should know about kidnapping

When you think of kidnapping, you might think of a child who has been abducted and taken away from his or her parents. While that is one possible scenario that could be considered kidnapping, that isn't the only type of kidnapping case. If you or someone you know is facing kidnapping charges, you should understand what this charge means.

Learning all you can is likely to help you if you are the person who is facing charges. The more knowledge you have, the better prepared you will likely be to get a defense strategy together.

Representing sex crimes defendants in Missouri

The most important things that a criminal defense attorney can provide to a Kansas City resident accused of sex crimes are: 1) an in-depth knowledge of the law; 2) a familiarity with the court in which the crimes are being tried; and 3) a familiarity with the judges and prosecuting attorneys involved in the matter. However, there is another thing that is vital to the success of every sex crimes defense case, and this is something that we feel is very important at Kelly, Symonds, & Reed, LLC. Nevertheless, not all defense attorneys in Missouri are able to provide it.

This missing element is, in so many words, the sanctity of the attorney-client relationship. When an individual accused of a sex crime comes to a criminal defense attorney for support, that person is likely to be extremely embarrassed and sensitive about the charges that he or she has been accused of. As such, this person needs to be supported by his or her legal counsel in a way that is completely free of judgment. At Kelly, Symonds, & Reed, LLC, our mission is to always provide a "judgment free zone" to our clients, so they feel safe to discuss the cases with us in caring and completely professional context.

Drunk driving arrests and convictions can impact employment

A drunk driving conviction can change just about every aspect of your life. What you might not realize is that even a DUI arrest has the potential of changing your life. This is because DUI arrests and convictions can show up on employment background checks.

Many employers these days rely on background checks to help them vet candidates for positions. It is important to note that a drunk driving arrest or conviction won't necessarily prevent you from every job that requires a criminal background check. Instead, the employer must be able to show that your arrest or conviction will have a direct impact on your ability to do the job at hand.

Effects of a DUI are far reaching

Drunk driving charges can change the course of your life, especially if your job requires you to be able to drive. When you are convicted of a drunk driving charge, you will find that you face a lot more than just fines and court-imposed penalties. We know that thinking about the effects of a conviction is a harrowing thought. We can help you learn your options for fighting back against the drunk driving charges.

If your job relies on your ability to drive, you might find that even if you are allowed to keep your license, you aren't allowed to drive for the company. This is because many insurance companies that provide coverage for businesses demand clean driving records. A DUI conviction is usually an automatic disqualification for coverage.

3 key points that can be included in plea agreements

When you are guilty of a crime but don't want to place your fate in a jury's hands, you might try to get a plea agreement. In this case, you and the prosecution would come to an agreement about how you will plead in the case and how the prosecution will respond to the plea. There are three key points that can be included in plea agreements.

The first point is one that isn't used very often. It is fact bargaining. In this case, you would have to agree to admit to specific facts in the case so that the prosecution wouldn't have to prove them. In exchange for that admission, the prosecution wouldn't bring up other facts in the trial. This wouldn't help you to control the outcome of the case, but it can prove useful if you are going to take your case to trial.

Witness to triple murder marries person accused in the killings

A man who is facing felony charges for a triple homicide has married a witness who is essential to the prosecution's case. Prosecutors behind the case believe that the marriage was one meant to stop the woman from testifying against the man because of Missouri's spousal privilege statute. That could spell trouble for the prosecution because most of the case against the man hinges on the testimony.

The man has denied that he was involved in the killing of his son, his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend. The man's new wife allegedly told police that the man shot the ex-girlfriend when the two were arguing and the ex-girlfriend threw something at the man. He then shot the boyfriend because he was a witness to the crime. Then, he shot his own 1-year-old son because he didn't want the cries from the baby to attract attention.

Your account of events matters for your defense

Violent crimes are some of the most difficult crimes for people to have to present a defense to. This is because many of these crimes have very personal details that can often be difficult to deal with. It is critical that you have a defense team that understands everything that pertains to your case, even if the details are intimate because comprehensive knowledge of the events can help the defense team to discover options regarding your case.

We know that most people who are charged with violent crimes never meant for things to turn violent. Human nature might kick in and some people will act in a manner that isn't how they would usually behave. That is where a strong defense comes in. We help you to show your side of the story.

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